Raising Colored Thoroughbreds & Sporthorses


Here at Equine Athletes we specialize in raising some of the most unique and versitile horses.  Whether you are looking for a show prospect, something for pleasure riding or for breeding we could have the horse for you.  Our horses are handled on a daily basis and learn to trust and respect their owners.  We offer horses for sale from weanlings up to well broke horses ready for the show ring. We also offer inutero sales and stud service. 


Our Thoroughbreds were chosen for their pedigrees, temperments and confirmation.  We have the added bonus of owning and being able to produce some very unique colors to the breed.  It wasn't until recently that the Jockey Club started to recognize palominos and buckskins as well as the sabino (splashy colored or paint like) thoroughbreds into the registry.  We have a variety of types so whether you are looking for something for the race track or a jumping or dressage prospect or even a barrel horse we could have the horse for you. All of our broke horses get used for trail riding as well as we feel this helps settle their minds and will help them in whichever direction their future takes them. 


The Akhal-Tekes, not as widely known.  There are currently only around 3500 of these horses in the world and even less in Canada.  Currently there is said to be around 30 of these horses in Canada.  These horses are truely a gift to own.  They are very loyal to their owners and willing to please.  Although the breed is mostly known for being a phenomenal endurance horse the breed also excels in other disciplines such as jumping and dressage.  The Akhal-Tekes have actually won more olympic medals than any other breed.  Along with being such incredible athletes these horses also have another interesting characteristic.  Their coats have a metallic sheen that makes them look as if they are made of gold.  The breed comes in a variety of colors but the most common and well known is the beautiful golden buckskin. 


Check out our horses for more info or feel free to contact us.  We loving hearing from people even if it's just to chat about horses.